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About GALS Denver

Girls Athletic Leadership Schools of Denver are the first and only tuition free, public, all-girls college preparatory schools in Denver and Colorado.

Our Mission

GALS Denver empowers students to succeed academically, lead confidently, live boldly and thrive physically. 

Our Vision

The Girls Athletic Leadership Schools of Denver (GALS) envision a world where all young women, regardless of their background, are given access to a personalized and holistic education that provides them the opportunity to access the skills, knowledge and self-determination to succeed in college and to develop as leaders in their communities and the world. 

Why Movement? 

GALS is based on the positive impact of physical activity on academics.  Beyond the joy, energy, and confidence our students gain from movement, research demonstrates that daily exercise improves memory, attention, and cognition.  Sports participation also boosts self-esteem and civic engagement.  Movement prepares our student to live long, fulfilled lives. 

Why Single Gender Schools?

We have created an environment where girls have the opportunity to know themselves well, take up space, own their power, and use their voice. Our curriculum and culture put them front and center with the potential to learn and practice the skills that will serve them in being their most authentic selves in the world. 

Why a focus on Diversity and Leadership?

GALS serves an enormous diversity of students, which is one of our greatest and most unique strengths.  Our students come from all facets of the community; they come from all backgrounds and all neighborhoods across and beyond the city; they come with a wide range of learning levels and styles; and they come with varying relationships to the world of health and wellness, movement, and athletics. Together, we create a sisterhood that prepares our students to lead into the future.


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